ZX Spectrum TAP Roms Details

ZX Spectrum: A third computer from Sinclair Research Ltd Company, which was launched in 1982. Unlike the computers of the two previous companies, he has a graphics video mode with color graphics and more RAM and ROM. The computer went on sale on 23 April 1982 and was offered for the version with 16 KB RAM for a price of 125 GBP and for the version with 48 KB for a price of 175 GBP. Subsequently, the price was lowered to £ 99 and £ 129, respectively. The main advantage and performance of the ZX Spectrum computer was its low price. However, it has been achieved at the expense of saving all components and reducing specifications compared to other home computers of that time.

The hardware of a computer was developed by Richard Altwasser. Firmware (BASIC and ROM) developed by Nine Tiles, directly from Steven Vickers. The design and appearance of the computer are by Rick Dickinson. The ZX Spectrum Kit includes a tape with Psion software (mainly Arkanoid-like games written in BASIC).

In June 1984, the development of an improved version of ZX Spectrum named ZX Spectrum + began. It has the improved keyboard and the presence of the reset button that was missing in the original ZX Spectrum. The new model was launched in October 1984 and had a value of £ 179.95.

During development, the computer was named ZX82 and extended the system to earlier model names (ZX80 and ZX81). With the launch of the computer, the name changed for marketing purposes: to emphasize the ability to display color graphics that was missing in previous models, the computer was called ZX Spectrum. The meaning of the letters ZX in the title is unknown for a long time. Clive Sinclair gave an interview in 2010, in which he said that ZX80's ZX80 was chosen because it sounds "cool and futuristic."

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