Z Machine Infocom Roms Details

Z-machine: A virtual machine created in 1979 by Joel Berez and Marc Blank and used by Infocom Company to create games in the "Interactive Fiction" genre, more or less: text search games and then using the emulation tool she on different computers of the time. Among the best-known games of the time are: Zork, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Bureaucracy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, A Mind Forever Voyaging and many more. Among the latest (amateur games) Maldiciones, I-O, Photopia, chickenpox and many others should be mentioned. To make sure these games can run on many platforms, Infocom has developed the Z-Machine, which allows you to use standardized "history files". The launch of text mission games on Infocom was stopped after Activision took over the company.

Infocom missions are classics of the genre, and the Infocom activity period is considered the "golden age" of interactive fiction. In addition to Infocom, companies such as Adventure International, Magnetic Scrolls, Level 9, Legend Entertainment, Topology and others have been involved in the development of text search games.

Today, Z Machine Infocom-Rom games are developed primarily by enthusiasts and often go beyond Infocom creations. Every year the competition takes place, where the best authors are determined. The most popular - Interactive Fiction Competition - takes place annually since 1995. The Z Machine Infocom emulator can be downloaded for free along with the Rome games on this page.