Wang VS Roms Details

Wang VS is the computer series developed by Wang Laboratories. The first computer of the Want VS series was introduced in 1978 almost simultaneously with the DEC VAX computer and was a kind of analog of the IBM 360. The command system was compatible with the IBM system, but the software for the 360 ​​series could not run on it , The VS operating system and all system software have been created from scratch, supporting both interactive work with the user and the handling of package files. The VS series was primarily targeted at the data processing market and partly at the IBM-occupied market.

In the 1980's, a specialized software written in COBOL, BASIC, PACE, RPG II, and PL / I was developed by external companies specifically for Wang VS. Wang OFFICE software and Wang WP word processor were also popular with Wang VS series computers. The latter can be started via the service, which emulates the OIS environment and loads the appropriate software onto the VS workstation.

Wang Laboratories positioned the VS series as a minicomputer, which was reflected in marketing materials and press releases. Later models of the small VS5000 series, which came on the market around 1988, could be assembled by the user, and the dimensions could be comparable with the personal computers at that time. Wang VS computers have been used in research centers, banks and large enterprises. The Wang VS mainframe was equipped with terminals and workstations, complemented by a pen input tablet and information. The stylus can be used to enter text, and the headset can add voice comments to any file. There was no voice communication between the terminals, and comments were exchanged via Wang OFFICE's internal email. On December 31, 2015, support for the Wang VS computer family was removed. However, you can always download the emulator software and emulate the Wang VS computer on your home PC. You can also download free games from Wang VS-ROMs to run them in the emulator.