TurboGrafx 16 Roms Details

TurboGrafx 16, also known as PC Engine (Turbo Grafx 16): the first 16-bit console that NEC released on October 30, 1987 in Japan. TurboGrafx 16 was really a new generation system with a surprising performance moment and special cartridges "HuCards". PC Engine was very popular in Japan, dozens of times more than the Famicom. With its advanced graphics, the console dominated the Japanese market. Two years later, PC Engine launched in the US and was named TurboGrafx 16. NEC was also the first on the market to launch games on CD that could be played on a special device: TurboGrafx CD. The console has even been improved in Japan, but only additional memory has been added.

TurboGrafx 16 or simply TG16 is a paradise for shooter fans. Games like: Blazing Lazers, Super Star Soldier, Parodius, Salamander, R-Type and Soldier Blade are the best in the genre. However, the number of role-playing games was low and the best representatives of this genre were generally available only on CD and mainly in Japanese. The racing games were rare, but the best for TG16 were: Chase HQ, Final Lap Twin and a MotoRoader series. With the introduction of CD-R drives and audio compression formats such as MP3 and OGG, versions of game CDs began to appear on the Internet, which were characterized by excellent quality.

TurboGrafx 16-Rom games and ISO images can be downloaded for free on this page. Take the emulator and play any game on your PC.