Tiger Game Com Roms Details

Tiger Game Com or Game.com is a game console developed in 1996 by Tiger Electronics. It was a commercial project that at the time was mainly a competitor to the popular Nintendo Game Boy and was designed for a larger audience. At that time, the console had many new ideas: a touchscreen, a stylus and the Internet. The official release was scheduled for September 1997. Tiger Game Com has a built-in BIOS menu, a calendar and a solitaire game. Game.com could beat rival Game Boy with its LCD touchscreen, built-in calendar, clock, calculator, address book, phonebook, support for Internet connectivity and a range of exclusive commercial games like Tiger Casino and Lights Out, Sonic Jam, Resident Evil 2, Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat Trilogy. With all these features, the console would have had to be a worthy opponent to fight with Nintendo's main opponent in Game Boy. Game.com, however, failed miserably for many reasons. The main reason is the marketing: The offensive advertising of Tiger Electronics for competitors resulted in the fact that the press did not disseminate information about the console and that few people knew about it, also a very small number of developers was interested small number of games released for Game Com. The big disadvantage of Game.com was also the lack of music in almost every game, there were only a few sounds. Later, Tiger Electronics released an updated version of Game.com Pocket Pro.

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