Thomson MO5 Roms Details

Thomson MO5 is the first generation of 8-bit computers introduced by Thomson, then known as SIMIV, in 1984 in France. The developers wanted to develop a cheap computer that could compete with ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, the market leaders in the home computer market. Most Thomson MO5 computers were sold in France and for various reasons could not compete with the above mentioned computers. Therefore, the company decided to discontinue production of the MO5 model and focus on the MO6 model, which is an improved version. It was launched in 1985. MO5 was mainly used as a teaching tool in schools at that time.

Thomson MO5 was based on the Motorola 6809E chip with a frequency of 1 MHz, 48 KB of RAM, integrated BASIC and a text resolution of 40 x 25. In addition, Thomson MO5 is known as a reduced version of the concurrent TO-7/70 , Thomson focused very much on the appearance of the device, so it was very attractive in terms of design, anthracite color and beautiful lines. The keyboard was made of rubber keys, which is much more practical than the flat membrane keyboards. The keyboard also included special BASIC keys that allowed the user to perform the desired declarations. Of course it was possible to enter commands by typing.

Thomson MO5 was the first computer for many computer enthusiasts who started learning programming. It is known that more than 200 applications and games have been developed specifically for MO5 computers. We compiled most of the software as ROM. So if you want to know how it worked on MO5 computers, you can download the Thomson MO5 emulator and the Rome games from this page.