Tangerine Oric Roms Details

Tangerine Oric: The name of the home computer series that launched the company Tangerine Computer Systems from 1983 to 1986. Oric computers were very popular in the UK. The first computer in the Oric Oric 1 series was launched in 1983 to compete with the then leader in home computing: Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Oric-1 was the heir to the Microtan 65 computer, which was launched in 1979. As a competitor to such a successful computer as ZX Spectrum, Oric-1 had to offer something out of the ordinary, or at least the same, for far less money. Mandarin company idea. Oric-1 has a much more comfortable keyboard than the Spectrum. Oric-1 could easily show rivals the information on screen with the new GI 8912-3-channel sound chip and the custom ASIC chip, which manages the memory and provides two modes - text mode 40x25 characters and graphics mode with a resolution from 240x200.

About 200,000 units of the first model of the Oric series were sold. It did not meet the expectations of Tangerine, but it was enough to be noticed by Edenspring, which subsequently acquired Oric International and provided £ 4 million for the development of the company. Oric-1 production ceased in January 194. However, with the money invested, Oric International succeeded in bringing other Oric-series home computers, notably Oric Atmos, to market in 1984, Oric Nova, whose Yugoslav clone Atmos, Oric Stratos in 1985 and the last model in the series was Oric Telestrat, released in 1986.

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