Super Grafx Roms Details

Super Grafx is an improved version of the PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 console. Initially known as PC Engine 2, it should be a true 16-bit system with better graphics and better audio. Launched in 1990, the final version of the console was called SuperGrafx and was released late in 1989 earlier than expected. Super Grafx is slightly different from its predecessor PC engine, with only slightly improved graphics. The audio hardware remained unchanged and was based on the same processor as the HuC6280A 8-bit PC engine instead of the promised 16-bit processor, modifying 65SC02 to 1.79 or 7.16 MHz (software-modifiable).

Compared to the PC engine, SuperGrafx has four times more memory for the processor, the second video chip has its own VRAM and a priority controller chip, which allows you to combine video from both chips in different ways. Super Grafx supports two independent background layers, including scrolling. Eg Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, while PC Engine only supports one.

SuperGrafx was not well received by developers, mainly because of software-related issues written to support new features. Overall, only 5 games for SuperGrafx were released, which could use the new features. The average cost of a game was about $ 10. A common mistake is that additional video devices and features slow down the CPU. This was the main reason why so few games were released for this console. Although the same processor was used as in the PC engine, it worked well with a new graphics subsystem, since the main burden is on the VDP.

All games specifically released for Super Grafx can be found here as rome images. Download the Super Grafx-Roms games and emulator to play on your computer.