Sufami Turbo Roms Details

Sufami Turbo is an accessory for the Super Famicom console, also known as SNES. Basically, Sufami Turbo is a two-slot cartridge that can be used in SNES to play certain games designed specifically for Sufami Turbo. The idea was very creative and interesting: one cassette could use the data of another. The great popularity that Sufami Turbo has gained through group games such as Bisyoujyo Senshi Sailor Moon S, Ultra Battle, Gundam Generations, Gekisou Sentai Car Rangers and others that have been sold along with an accessory. The system was shipped with some versions, but the only difference was in the included games.

Sufami Turbo was launched in 1996 by Bandai. The main purpose of this device was to allow Super Famicom owners to use smaller Bandai cartridges that were also cheaper than Nintendo cartridges. Therefore, most games for Sufami Turbo were much cheaper and require less storage space on the shelves. Sufami Turbo was a completely official device that began manufacturing only after Bandai's agreement with Nintendo. Normally, Sufami Turbo (ST) was completely unofficial compared to Aladdin Desk Enhancer, a similar device designed for NES.

The exclusive Sufami Turbo Rome games can be downloaded for free on this page.