Sinclair ZX81 Roms Details

Sinclair ZX81: The second computer of Sinclair Research Ltd, which was launched in 1981. It was an improved version of the previous model ZX80 and was also compatible with it. As predecessor, it was sent as a kit for the house assembly or as a mounted device. The price for ZX81 was £ 50 and £ 70, respectively. The price reduction was achieved with ULA chips instead of small logic devices. Overall, Sinclair has sold nearly half a million computers.

In the US, Sinclair ZX81 was manufactured by Timex Corporation under the name Timex Sinclair 1000 (TS 1000). It was adapted for use with the NTSC television standard and had twice the RAM size. The production of Sinclair ZX81 was discontinued in 1983. For many well-known ZX Spectrum computer game developers, ZX81 was the first thing they saw and started to write their own programs. Among them are Oliver Twins, Raffaele Cecco, Dave Rogers, Clive Townsend, Nick Bruty, David M Webb, David Perry and others. The Brazilian company Microdigital Electronica produced the ZX81 clone TK-83 with 2 KB of RAM and a joystick interface.

Beginning with the Sinclair ZX81, all Sinclair Research Company computers use ULA technology, which can lower the price of the device. The motherboard of the previous model contains 21 chips, while the ZX81 was built with only 4 or 5 chips, CPU, ROM, ULA (Ferranti production) and static RAM on one or two chips (one 1024x8 or two 1024x4).

Sinclair ZX81 was a very popular player computer at the time. Therefore, many games have been developed specifically for this platform. These games are still fun and interesting today, and you can easily play them without having the Sinclair ZX81 computer. Just use the emulator software and download any free ZX81 Rom game from the list on this page.