Sharp X68000 Roms Details

Sharp X68000, often called X68K, a series of home computers manufactured in Japan by Sharp Corporation. In other countries these computers were not sold. The computer was based on the Motorola 68000 processor, which was operated at a frequency of 10 MHz and 1 MB of RAM and had no hard disk. The latest model from 1993 is based on the Motorola 68030 processor with a frequency of 25 MHz, 4 MB of RAM and an optional standard SCSI hard disk with a capacity of 80 MB. The memory of these computers could be up to 12 MB, but most games and programs did not require more than 2 MB of memory.

The Sharp X68000 computer used the Human68K operating system developed by the Hudson Soft Company specifically for the Sharp Corporation. The operating system has a command line interface and a command set very similar to the command set of the MS-DOS operating system. Three versions of the Human68K operating system have been released with some updates between versions. In addition to Human68K, a special version of NetBSD for X68030 and OS-9 could be used. The first models had a graphical interface called "VS", the later models were delivered with the SX-WINDOW GUI. In addition, there was a shell called Ko-Windows with a surface similar to Motif. These shells can be run from a floppy disk or a hard disk. Most of the games can also be run from the floppy disk drive, some had an optional installation on the hard disk, for some the installation on the hard disk was mandatory. After the end of system support, OS Human68K, text console, C-Compiler for SX Window, and BIOS ROMs have been released for public access and are now freely available on the Internet.

Sharp X68000 Rome games can be downloaded for free and played on modern devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.