Sharp MZ 700 Roms Details

Sharp MZ 700 (MZ-721) is the new computer unveiled by Sharp in November 1982. The series consisted of 4 models, MZ 711, the first and basically the "nude" version, MZ 721, a bit Improved version of the 711 with built-in tape recorder, MZ 731 - integrated plotter and cassette recorder and the latest MZ 780 model a floppy disk drive, a Centronics port, and the CP / M operating system.

The Sharp MZ 700 series arrived in the UK in October 1983. It was the first color computer in the MZ series, but it was not supplied with a color monitor. Instead, it has a TV or color monitor output. Support for black-and-white monitors and TVS has been maintained. MZ 700 was not well received by the public. It had a low resolution (80-column screen) and was not a very good machine for games at the time. Competitors could offer much better slot machines at the lowest price. Sharp MZ 700, however, was very popular among computer programmers and enthusiasts, as a variety of programming languages ​​could be loaded from the tape.

Sharp MZ 700 has shaped the history of computers. To see what it was like to code and play games on the MZ 700, all you need to do is install the emulation software on your PC. This page allows you to download Sharp MZ 700 Roms games and applications for free.