Sega Visual Memory System Roms Details

Sega Visual Memory System (VMS): Type of memory cards made for the Dreamcast console. The name of this device is different in different regions. In Europe, for example, it was referred to as Visual Memory, North America - Visual Memory Unit (VMU), Japan - Visual Memory System. Dreamcast's visual storage system module can be more than just an easy-to-replace RAM card. It has a built-in LCD screen and control buttons and can also be connected to the console and other VMS. Also, users could load up some mini-games to use as a calendar or watch: "It's the most versatile external device ever created for the system," said the developers.

The Sega visual memory system had to be plugged into one of two slots on the Dreamcast controller. 2 VMS can be inserted simultaneously in a single controller. When VMS is used separately from Dreamcast, VMS acts as a file manager and Pocket Game Console. VMS (VMU) can be connected to another VMS for multiplayer games or file transfers.

When first used, the player can select an image from the group of images and use it as a background. This image is used in the console menu. Usually it will be replaced by the logo during the game. Some games show animations and others bring new wallpapers. Sega's visual storage system uses 2 CR-2032 lithium batteries. Without a power supply VMS acts as a memory card and as an additional screen, but the user can not play mini-games.

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