Sega Super Control Station Roms Details

The Sega Super Control Station, also known as SF-7000, is an expansion module developed in Japan for the SC-3000, which is a standard drive for 3-inch discs with a maximum capacity of 160 KB, a Centronics parallel port and an additional memory module contains 16 KB of RAM However, the price was also too high for Japan: 830 US dollars. Today, the Super Control Station SF-7000 is a very rare device because it was too expensive and had few. Basically, SF-7000 could turn an SC-3000 console into a complete computer.

The SF-7000 Super Control Station could make the SC-3000 a very competitive device for this time, although serial and parallel ports are still available in modern PCs. Theoretically, you can still connect the SC console -3000 to the PC using the SF-7000 module. Fortunately, you do not have to do such a manipulation, as some brilliant minds have recently been able to create the Super Control Station emulator that can be launched on any modern computer, tablet, or smartphone running Android or iOS. All software, including the Super Control Station games, has been ported to ROMs. Download the free SF-7000 Rome games and play with your friends.