Sega SG1000 Roms Details

Sega SG1000 or SEGA Game 1000, a second-generation video game console launched by Sega Company. Use cartridges as storage for games. This console is Sega's first attempt to conquer the home-use gaming market. In any case, the SG1000 can not boast great popularity, but the path of its great successor, the Sega Master System Console, began. The sale of the Sega SG1000 started in 1981 in Japan, but was experimental. Full-scale full-sales were introduced to the Japanese market in July 1983, but have not received much recognition, but the console was generally in demand in Asian markets. Mainly, the first sales failed because the time coincided with the start of sales of Famicon. The US market has never received Sega SG1000 with this name. Tsukada Original has created a clone console called Othello Multivision. In North America, the cloned console was sold as Telegames Personal Arcade and sold by Bit Corp. produced. Another name was DINA 2-in-1. He could develop the games not only for SG-1000, but also for Colecovision, which brought certain advantages.

The low popularity of the Sega SG1000 was due to the technical superiority of Famicon, the lack of video games and the crisis of the video game industry, which began in 1983. After difficult times, Sega released an updated version of the console under the name SG-1000 II in 1984. However, during the short life of the console, many external developers have released unique games for them that you will find in the games section of Rome's Sega SG1000 and can download for free. They can all be played with the emulator software on your computer.