Sega Master System SMS Roms Details

Sega Master System: is the third generation gaming console and one of the key achievements of the Sega Company. It was released in Japan in 1986 and appeared a year later in the United States and Europe. Thanks to European customers, SMS managed to stay on the market until 1996. During this period, more than 10 years, the console was sold at the rate of 13 million devices. At the time of launch, the main competitor of the console was considered NES, and Sega could possibly even progress, but failed with the advertising campaign. The price for the SMS coincided with other similar consoles: $ 200. By the way, SMS has had unprecedented success in Europe, with many companies supporting the system and helping Sega open a true European console market. Another country that influenced the success of the console was Brazil. There is an improved version of SMS 3, which was sold in a volume of 2 million thanks to Tec Toy. SMS 3 is currently still being produced in Brazil.

The most popular SMS game was Sonic the Hedgehog, which still attracts many players. Other exclusive games include ALF, Battle of Run and Astro Warrior. There was also a built-in secret game that was available without a cassette by pressing buttons D, 1, 2. The game was simple but intriguing and has become one of the benefits of the SMS console. Although you can buy the console in Brazil, you will find it difficult to find cassettes that work at a reasonable price. For this reason, we recommend that you download the emulator and play Sega Master System rom for free on your computer. Then you can decide if you want to buy the real icon or not.