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The Sega CD, released in most regions outside North America and Brazil as a Mega CD, it is a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis video game console developed and manufactured by Sega as part of the became console games of the fourth generation. It was published in Japan on December 12, 1991, in North America on October 15, 1992 and in Europe on April 2, 1993. The Sega CD allows the user to play CD-based games and offers additional hardware features such as a faster CPU and graphics enhancements. You can also play audio CDs and CD + G discs.

While the Sega CD became known for some well-received games like Sonic CD and Lunar: Eternal Blue, their games library contained a large number of Genesis ports and poorly received FMV games. In March 1996, 2.24 million CD Sega units were sold. Afterwards, Sega suspended the system to concentrate on the Sega Saturn. The retrospective reception is mixed, with praise for individual games and extra features, but critical for the lack of deep games, high price and Sega support.

The main advantage of the CD technology was the larger storage capacity, which made the games almost 320 times larger than the Genesis cassettes. This advantage was evident in full-motion video games (FMV) such as the Controversial Night Trap, which was the focus of Congressional hearings on video game violence and ratings in 1993. Sega from Japan teamed up with JVC to design the Sega CD and refused to consult with Sega from America until the project was completed. Sega of America assembled parts of several "dummy" units to get a functional prototype. It has been reviewed several times by Sega and licensed external developers.