Sega 32x Roms Details

Sega 32x is a 32-bit peripheral that supports the ROM cartridge format introduced in November 1994. Retailers demand was high and Sega was unable to keep order backlog. This equates to more than 1 million orders for the Sega 32x device. In January 1995, however, Sega could offer only 600,000 units for sale. The original price was similar to the console of Sega Genesis, which was one and a half times lower than what should be installed on Saturn. Although Sega 32x positioned itself as a cheap console, Sega had difficulty convincing third party vendors to develop games for the new system.

In early 1996, however, Sega admitted that he had promised too much on 32x and decided to stop producing the system and concentrate on Saturn. The price for Sega 32x fell to $ 99 and eventually the devices were taken out of the sale when prices dropped to $ 19.95 per unit.


Sega 32x-Rom games like Motocross Championship, Mortal Kombat 2, Doom, WWF-RAW, Star Wars Arcade and others can be downloaded for free on this site. Just install the emulation software and play it on your computer.