Robotron Z1013 Roms Details

Robotron Z1013, also called MRB Z1013, is a single-board computer that was launched in 1985 by VEB Robotron Riesa in the GDR. Z1013 was used as a gateway to the world of computers for students and enthusiasts. At that time Z1013 gained popularity and was used in several educational institutions. The computer was based on the microprocessor Z1013.01: U880 with a frequency of 1 MHz and 16 KB RAM. However, the next generation of the Z1013 had a processor up to 2MHz and up to 64K of RAM. The video output supports the then usual 32 x 32 text mode. Compact cassettes were used as multimedia devices.

Robotron Z1013 has been available since 1985 and is sold only as a kit. The kit included an already assembled and tested motherboard, a flat membrane keyboard, other hardware and detailed technical documentation. The BASIC interpreter was also included and could be used while loading from a compact cassette or via a plug-in module.

Some of the games were developed exclusively for the Robotron Z1013 model, but today it is no longer necessary to have the rare machine to play them. The Robotron Z1013 Romper games are simple replicas of the original Z1013 games that can be played on modern computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones running Android and iOS. Download the free emulator software and easily emulate every Z1013 game.