RCA Studio II Roms Details

RCA Studio II is a home theater console introduced in August 1976 by the manufacturer of televisions and other electronic products: RCA. In January 1977, the console was introduced in the US and became the second video game console with programmable game cartridges (after the Fairchild Channel F and before the Atari 2600). The initial price was $ 149.95 per unit, and the cartridges cost between $ 14.95 and $ 19.95. In the absence of cartridges, players could play games that were integrated into the system, such as: Doodle, Patterns, Bowling, Highway, and Addition.

In RCA Studio II, the RCA-developed COSMAC microprocessor (used in Voyager spacecraft) was used. In terms of performance and internal commands, it is located near the F8 installed in the Fairchild Channel F.