Pel Varazdin Orao Roms Details

Pel Varazdin Orao, also known as YU102, is the home computer of the 8-bit computer family developed by the Croatian company Pel Varazdin, while marketing and distribution were carried out by another company: Velebit Informatika. Orao, which means eagle, was widespread in the elementary schools of Croatia and Vojvodina. However, this 8-bit computer from the 80's is nowadays quite hard to find, fortunately for highly qualified computer enthusiasts who have managed to emulate software that can completely emulate the Pel Varazdin Orao computer Play mini-assembler. and BASIC, or to play some old games that are also available for download in Rome.

The Orao computer was developed and manufactured by Varazdin exclusively in Croatia and had no connection to any other country. It was difficult at that time to export the computer abroad, so today it is difficult to find some examples of "Eagle". Orao came with a small monochrome monitor in black and white. Orao was not that powerful, but it was not the worst computer yet. This computer could compete with the well-known C64. Pel Varazdin Orao served as a boot machine for beginners. A short time later most of them bought an IBM PC, together with Amiga and Atari ST.

Pel Varazdin Orao Rome's emulator and gaming software is everything you need to set up a virtual Orao computer on your modern PC, tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS.