Nokia N Gage Roms Details

Nokia N Gage: Nokia's first attempt to launch a combination of portable game console and phone. The first mentions of Nokia N-Gage appeared at the end of 2002, and the team was officially offered for sale on October 7, 2003. The time to launch such products was approaching just before Christmas, when new device sales arrived. Nokia spent tens of millions of dollars developing the N-Gage project. The launch of the telephone console was accompanied by an impressive advertising campaign to support the project and numerous PR activities.

Despite this support, the number of Nokia N Gage devices sold was already minimal in the first month of sales. In the first week after the launch of Nokia N-Gage sales were far below those of its rival GameBoy Advance. First, the company denied the failure of the project and stated that "the company is satisfied with the revenue and expects the high revenue levels to continue in the future." The price of the console phones has been cut by a third (from $ 300 to $ 200), but it has not saved the situation. As a result, the unsatisfactory results of Nokia N Gage have been officially recognized by Nokia itself.

However, we should not approach the failure of the first Nokia N-Gage console for the entire N-Gage project. This is just the first model in the series. The company has enough time to make improvements and to consider earlier defects and errors. Nokia N Gage Rome games are public and can be downloaded for free. With the emulator software, which is also available for free download, players can emulate the Nokia N Gage console on their PCs and other modern devices.