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Nintendo Entertainment System, also known worldwide as NES, became the most popular gaming system of the 80-90s, becoming the best-selling gaming console of all time. 60 million were sold by units for the life of the device. NES was first launched in 1983 in Japan under the name Famicom. In the United States, people could buy the device since 1985, and a year later they could buy a console for people from Europe.

It has gained a lot of popularity on the Nintendo console due to the games developed for it. And there are many. Especially the best-selling Super Mario Bros; The main character of the game has become an official symbol of the company. NES was not only famous for games, but also for its cassette-changing technology, which was easy on the user. The console could also provide a decent level of graphics and sound at this time. Throughout history, the console has failed many times, but has been revived many times and improved clones have been created.

It should be noted that the NES console contained many clones, many of which were not licensed. Nintendo Company may only clone its system to authorized manufacturers who follow the license agreement. Due to unlicensed versions, however, he often had to sue fake companies. However, the original NES is more credible and reliable than the clones, so the popularity of the consoles by 2003 has been incredibly successful.

NES is the legend on the podium of the game consoles. If you did not have the opportunity to play games on Nintendo, do not worry, you can catch up even if you do not have a console. With the help of emulator software, Android and iOS make it easy to play any old school game on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Nintendo Roms games and emulators can be downloaded for free.