Nintendo Virtual Boy Roms Details

Virtual Boy, also known as VR-32 and Virtual Utopia Experience, is Nintendo's first 32-bit console and the first portable console capable of displaying "real" 3D graphics. It was first shown at a Spaceworld 94 exhibition in the Japanese city of Chibi. It came on July 21, 1995 in Japan for a price of 15,000 yen to the market and on August 14 of the same year in the US at a price of 179.95 USD.

Several games have been released with Nintendo Virtual Boy: Galactic Pinball, Marios Tennis, Red Alert and Teleroboxer, each priced at $ 40 each. At the time of the launch of Virtual Boy, players were a bit confused and frustrated because Nintendo told the public that the console could resemble a vertically mounted weapon, creating a three-dimensional projection image in the air above it. A console had to compete with Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn!

Nintendo was probably inspired by the development of the Virtual Boy by observing experiments in this area of ​​its Sega competitor, which had already launched a Sega VR system at that time. However, the official version states that people are tired of being chained to TV screens, they need something new and revolutionary. Despite its small size, Virtual Boy was not designed to replace the Game Boy line because it requires use with a flat surface and completely blocks the player's peripheral vision.

Nintendo Virtual Boy was not the bestseller, so the console disappeared quickly, but there are still plenty of great Roms for it. Download the free Nintendo Virtual Boy Rome games and play on your computer, tablet or smartphone.