Nintendo Pokemon Mini Roms Details

Nitendo Pokemon Mini: Developed by Nintendo and released portable game console dedicated to its own franchise company "Pokemon". It was released in the United States on November 16, 2001, in Japan on December 14, and in Europe on March 15, 2002. The portable console has been introduced in three different versions of chlorides for the body: Wooper Blue, Chikorita Green and Smoochum Purple. Pokémon mini is the lightest portable game console from Nintendo with interchangeable cassettes. It weighs only 70 grams.

Nintendo Pokemon Mini includes a real-time clock, an infrared port for multiplayer games, an accelerometer and a vibrator. The Pokémon Channel Game for Nintendo GameCube contains demo versions of some Pokemon mini games: they can be launched on the console using the emulator. Some fans with programming skills have developed many amateur games for this system.

Pokemon Party mini: Collection of various mini-games included in the console. It includes: Hitmonchan boxes, where the player has to shake the console, and those who hit Hitmonchan Pokémon, the Pikachu rocket launch, where Pikachu must start running in front of the opposing Pokémon. Bellossom's Dance, a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Chansey's Dribble, where the player has to throw the ball as fast as possible to the finish line, Slowking's Judge, where the player has to guess whether a goal has been scored in tennis or not. Fakeout of sneasel, stone, scissors, paper. Battlefield, where two to six players compete in the highest score, and Celebi's Clock, which serves as a clock, calendar and alarm clock. These and many other games can be downloaded for free from our Nintendo Pokemon Mini-Roms games library. On our website you will only find great Roms games. All of the Rom games offered for Pokémon Mini can be played on your PC, Android or iOS device.