Nintendo 3DS Roms Details

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console developed by Nintendo that can produce three-dimensional image effects without the use of special lenses. The console was launched in all regions before the end of the fiscal year of Nintendo, which ended in late March 2011. This game system is still on the market, simultaneously with other Nintendo DS gaming systems.

Nintendo 3DS was sold on February 26, 2011 in Japan. The cost of the console in Japan was 25,000 yen. In the US, the console was offered on March 27 for $ 249.99. In Europe, 3DS was released on March 25 and sold for € 249.99, in England - £ 230, in Australia - $ 350. Since Nintendo 3DS sales were not as high as Nintendo expected, the company suffered losses. Therefore, it was decided to lower the price for Nintendo 3DS. Since August 12, 2011, console prices in all regions have dropped more than 40%. It would be unfair to those who bought the console before. Therefore, Nintendo has created a campaign for those players who bought Nintendo 3DS and registered with NintendoClub until August 12, 2001. With the campaign Ambassador, players were able to download 10 games Nintendo 3DS and 10 Gameboy Advance games.

Nintendo 3DS-Rom games are the best alternative if you do not want to buy the console and play it on your PC, iOS or Android device. The free download of the Nintendo 3DS games and the Rome emulator can be started on this page.