MSX 2 Roms Details

MSX 2 is the evolution of the MSX computer introduced in 1986. The MSX 2 version was based on the same 8-bit Zilog Z80 processor. However, the memory has been increased from 32 KB to 64/128 KB. However, with the help of the Memory Mapper system, the storage capacity can be increased up to 4 MB. For the graphics, the Yamaha V9938 chip was used, which increased the VRAM to 128 KB. The rest of the hardware was quite similar to the previous MSX computer. Yamaha MSX 2 was also often used as a home computer. Under the Yamaha license, MSX 2 was introduced with minor changes in the structure and design of companies such as Sony, Daewoo and Yashica. In 1995, the production of an MSX standard was discontinued. In total, around 5 million MSX computers were sold.

Legendary games released for MSX 2 computers, such as: B .: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake, Super Rambo Special, Contra, King Kong 2 and others were ported to Rome. Anyone can try these games today without having an MSX 2 computer. On this page all common MSX 2-Rom games can be downloaded for free. Take the MSX 2 emulator and play on your modern PC, Android or iOS device.