Kaypro II Roms Details

Kaypro II is a home laptop released to the public in August 1982. The name can be misleading as it is, in fact, the first computer model that was renamed by Non-Linear Systems, Inc. (owned by Andrew F. Kay), and then renamed Kaypro Corporation. Although Kaypro II weighs more than 10 kilograms, it was positioned as a portable system. Field operational capability was confirmed in 1984 at the Paris-Dakar Rally, where organizers deployed ten Kaypro II computers. It was also a very good announcement for the Kaypro II computer.

Kaypro II's technical specifications are very similar to the Osborne 1 system introduced by Adam Osborne and HP-85 from Hewlett-Packard. However, with features similar to Osborne 1, Kaypro II is nearly twice as light as Osborne 1. The weight of the device is very important in the laptop market. Also, Kaypro II was much newer than HP-85 (launched two years after HP-85).

Kaypro II was equipped with a Zilog Z80 processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 MHz, 64 KB RAM and 2 KB ROM. The built-in screen has a size of 9 inches and was able to work in 80 x 24 text mode. No support for graphics mode was provided. The keyboard of this PC was quite comfortable with the letter and number keys. For storage, two 5.25 "double-density disks with a capacity of 190 KB were used. Kaypro II ran under the CP / M operating system and was worth $ 1,795 at that time, which is not a small sum.

The Kaypro II Rome games and the emulator can be downloaded here for free. Find out which games were played at this time and be inspired.