Intellivision Roms Details

Intellivision, also known as Mattel Electronics Intellivision is a second-generation gaming console released by Mattel Electronics in 1979. The name of the console consists of two words: "smart" and "television" and therefore means "smart television". This is the first game console based on a 16-bit processor. It is worth noting that more than three million Intellivision consoles have been sold worldwide and around 125 games have been launched specifically for this device.

In 2009 Intellivision ranked 14th on the list of the best console games ever in the video game industry, according to the IGN site. Until 2006, it was the only console developed by Mattel Electronics. Intellivision was introduced in 1979 and released in 1980 for $ 299. At that time it had a high enough potential, it had advanced graphics, games with good playability and stories, including mainly sports games, as well as the keyboard, which made it a full-fledged computer. In 1982, the company introduced the device, which could support some games with voice output. Although Intellivision sold quite well, the company ceased production in 1983 due to low interest and low demand. Although there are still unique and interesting games in Intellivision that should be played by real players. You do not have to buy the console or the games. Just download the Rome games for Intellivision from here and play on your smartphone with Android, iOS or computer.