Hartung Game Master Roms Details

Hartung Game Master is a portable console released in the early '90s following the popularity of Gameboy. While many companies launched similar devices in the hope of a new fashion trend, few did. Game Master was launched in 1991 and was very similar to the portable Sega console, which was called Game Gear and appeared in the same year. The two portable consoles were certainly very similar, but Game Master, in contrast to the color screen of Sega Game Gear has a black and white screen. Game Master was created by various developers, so it is known by different names like: Hartung, Videojet, Impel, Watara, Virella, Delplay and is mainly found in Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Game Master games were saved in cassettes and about 18 games were released specifically for this console.

Playing Hartung Game Master games today eliminates the need to have a console and buy rare cartridges of games. All you have to do is download the Game Master emulator and install it on your computer, Android device or iOS. Hartung Game Master-Rome are available for free download on this page.