GCE Vectrex Roms Details

Vectrex is a second generation gaming console developed by General Consumer Electric (GCE) and subsequently acquired by Milton Bradley Company. A unique feature of the GCE Vectrex was the use of the vector graphics monitor, which could not come up with any of the current consoles at this time. The launch took place in 1982 for an initial price of $ 199. Production and sales were completed in 1984 during the video game industry crisis.

Vectrex game consoles have been equipped with their own integrated monitor with vector graphics. Although it was black and white, there were special transparent screens for the screen that could create the illusion of a color image and protect the eyes from the flickering of the screen (the screen refresh rate was particularly low at that time).

The launch of GCE Vectrex was in high demand just before the Christmas break, despite the initially not very low price. The kit included the console, a controller and an in-game built-in Mine Storm. Despite the successful launch, the console could not keep up and had to leave the market in 1984 for the reasons mentioned above. In the period before the end of Vectrex production, the price has already been lowered to $ 50. In addition, the rapid withdrawal of game consoles from the market has been caused by the existence of serious competitors such as IntelliVision, Atari 2600 and ColecoVision.

Anyway, the GCE Vectrex is still alive in the form of emulators. Nowadays, you can download any GCE Vectrex Rome game for free and play it on your Android PC or tablet.