GamePark GP32 Roms Details

Gamepark GP32: is a powerful and interesting portable game console that was launched on November 23, 2001 in South Korea. Preparing for the game may not be an easy step, but then you'll notice the difference: it's much easier to manage and superior in capabilities to most portable consoles. GP32: A young girl with excellent hardware and a large community of underground game developers. It's open to everyone. If you want to know the details or create your own game, this console will not work.

In mid-2004 Gamepark Company released an updated version of GP32 called BLU (backlit). The console was incredibly successful in Kore, reviving memories of the original GP32. Therefore, the Gamepark GP32 BLU version differs slightly from its predecessor. The main difference is in appearance: the new GP32 has a built-in backlight unit, unlike or without fixed front lighting (FLU) systems. The models with FLU are impractical because dust accumulates under the plastic shield. The reason is most likely that the FLU model was brought to the market by third parties and the change was made under unacceptable conditions.

Most computer enthusiasts and Gamepark GP32 fans have focused on creating emulators and porting Rom games for those consoles. So, if you're the game that wants to play the famous GP32 games on your computer, you're in the right place Download free GP32-Rom games and play on your computer or smartphone with Android or iOS.