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In the world of portable consoles, Nintendo Gameboy is a survivor. Introduced in 1989, the Game Boy quickly became a success, supplanting the popularity of its competitors and even the colorful Sega Game Gear. Gameboy is known as a portable console, which is not exactly accurate because it does not require a connection to a TV, but this underscores a respectful attitude towards GB and puts it right up to the heights of the most popular 8-console Dendy Bits in those years. Incidentally, it's actually possible to connect the Game Boy to a TV via the "Super Game Boy" adapter and the Super Nintendo console. If you do, black and white Gameboy games will be colorful!

In the following years, Gameboy had to compete with Sega, Atari and other portable systems, and each time Gameboy was a leader despite the color screens and vivid graphics of other games. And now Nintendo's toy has only one competitor: Game Com, which was launched in 1997 by Tiger on the market. With 32-bit and 64-bit systems no longer surprising anyone, 8-bit Gameboy seems to be an outdated device, but continues to break through the market

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