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In late 1998, a new wearable gameboy video game system called Gameboy Color appeared on the market. It was not the multi-colored case, but a color screen! Although the blue box looked just like the regular Game Boy bag, it had something else inside. The clock rate of the 8-bit main processor has been increased twice, the video memory is doubled and the memory quadrupled. The system was compatible with both the previous screen resolution of 160x140 pixels and the new 320x280 pixels, especially for color modes. According to Nintendo Game Boy representatives, you can work on three color palettes: 10 (as in the "Super Game Boy" in SNES), 32 and 56 colors. At the time of launch of Nintendo consoles, I already had the following color games: Déjà vu II: Ace Harding, NBA Jam '99, Top Gear Pocket, Turok 2, Gex: Enter the Gecko, Shadowgate, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3. Of course, the GB color compatible with the game library of more than 400 "black and white" games released for the previous version of Gameboy. The Nintendo Game Boy is a true survivor of the game industry. We will be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon.

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