Galaksija Roms Details

Galaksija: the first Yugoslav DYI computer that triggered the revolution in the computer industry in Yugoslavia. In the 1980s computers in Yugoslavia were a rare luxury. The price of ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 was higher than the monthly salary, and that if you could overcome all the obstacles associated with imports. Later, in 1983, while vacationing in Risan, Voya Antonic began to think of a new computer, the national computer, which would be cheaper than imported from abroad. In 1983, few people knew what the computer is and what it looks like. At that time, the only computers most Yugoslavs had seen were programmable calculators, but the situation began to change quickly. Antonic had already spent several years studying and working with electronics, ie microprocessors, and the high cost of imported computers led him to develop his own equipment.

The Galaksija computer processor was the Zilog Z80, an economical and widely used chip that was also used in ZX Spectrum by Sinclair. Although Galaksija's abilities were not comparable to commercial computers at the same time, it had a significant local impact. Many computer enthusiasts have studied the work of computers using the example of Galaksija: It has proven to be a good tool for learning and experimenting. The games released for Galaksija became Rome's and Iso's formats. To play Galaksija-Roms games on your PC, you need to install additional emulator software that can be downloaded for free at this website.