Funtech Super Acan Roms Details

Funtech Super Acan, better known as Super A'Can console, exclusive to Taiwan (China) by Funtech Entertainment. The console was like a Super Nintendo clone, but has an M68000 processor, as used in Sega Mega Drive. Twelve games were released for this console. The Super A'Can was launched in 1995, but was not very popular because Sony also brought the famous Sony Playstation on the market. Also, the console's initial price was too high for the features it could offer. At the same time, competitors introduced better consoles with 3D support at the lowest price, so the choice was obvious.

The most popular games are "Super Dragon Force", "The Son of Evil", "Super Taiwanese Baseball League", "Speedy Dragon", "Monopoly - Adventure in Africa" ​​and others. Especially for you we have compiled these and other games that you can download for free from this page. Just download the emulator, download the Funtech Super Acan-Rom games and play on your modern computer.