Epoch Super Cassette Vision Roms Details

Epoch Super Cassette Vision is a Japanese console that was the ancestor of Cassette Vision. The game console came on the market in 1984, a year after the Famicom. And although the shape of the console is reminiscent of the 70s, it is still the third generation gaming console. Despite the common design, Super Cassette Vision had some innovations, for example, the game cartridges were for the first time equipped with a battery built-in memory to save user-created records and levels (yes, there were games with the level editor)! ).

Super Cassette Vision was a good console and was sold well in Japan (priced at 15,000 yen), and about 30 games were developed specifically for them. Later, however, the Japanese market was filled with 8-bit Nintendo consoles that trampled the sales of Super Cassette Vision. However, Supper Cassette Vision was able to escape to the European market and earn some popularity there, especially in France. For a few years, until Nintendo NES arrived in Europe. In 1985, Epoch launched a special Epoch Super Cassette Vision for girls. The same hardware, but in a pink case. It was the last console launched by Epoch Company.

The Epoch Super Cassette Vision Rome games can now be downloaded for free, so you can play them with your children and friends on your computer.