Entex Adventure Vision Roms Details

Entex Adventure Vision is a game console made in an unusual format of a standalone desktop game system. Something like the mini version of the arcade machine. In the later consoles, this format used Vectrex and Virtual Boy, which also became popular. The main feature of Entrex Adventure Vision was the integrated screen, which was arranged in a single strip of 40 red LEDs and could be rotated with a small power supply. As it rotated, the mirror reflected the lights in various places on the screen, and the system processor turned on and off the desired LEDs. The screen had a resolution of 150 x 40 monochrome pixels and an update frequency of about 15 Hz. This solution was the cheapest of all the technologies available at the time. Then, a similar solution was used in the Virtual Boy game console.

Game cassettes can be stored in gaps at the top of the console case. The disadvantages of the console were: The monochrome display, the high energy consumption and the sensitivity of the mechanical part did not allow Entrex Adventure Vision to be used as a portable gaming system.

Not many games have been released for Entrex Adventure Vision. However you can find all on this page for free download. The ROMs of the Adventure Vision games can be played using the emulator that you will find here.