Elektronika BK Roms Details

Elektronika BK is the first personal computer introduced in the USSR. Long ago, when IBM XT computers were still at the height of popularity and the term "personal computer" meant ZX-Spectrum, the Soviet electronics industry thrilled users with the first computer in the mid-1980s. It was a home computer from Elektronika BK or just BK 0010.

The software was almost non-existent at first, with the exception of so few programs in Basic and FOCAL that seemed more like an example of writing to learn programming. 90% of the software was created by enthusiastic users, mainly in assembler. In the future, peripherals for computers gradually appeared: mouse, printer, and even later, it became possible to connect drives and hard drives. The computer-supported maximum resolution was 512 x 256 pixels. The sound was transmitted through the built-in speaker in the same way as the data to the built-in recorder.

The era of the Elektronika BK computer is over. However, it is still possible to find and play the most popular games developed for this computer. Discover a large collection of Rome games by Elektronika BK and play for free with the help of the emulator.