Dragon Data Dragon Roms Details

In the early 1980s, the UK domestic computer market exploded, with new computer models popping up almost every month. Dragon Data came on the market in August 1982 with a Dragon 32 computer, and a year later with Dragon 64. Dragon 32/64 initially sold quite well, sparking interest among independent developers. After a while, the magazine "Dragon User" appeared. In the domestic computer market, however, the computer games introduced for the platform are the most important, and the Dragon Data Dragon has lost to competitors due to its weaker graphics capabilities.

In January 1983, a respected magazine wrote that Dragon 32 offers more features for the same money than most of its competitors, and that it's a pretty good computer, but there's nothing out of the ordinary. The review described Dragon 32 as a redesign of the TRS-80 color computer with 32KB of memory and a better keyboard. Dragon did not offer an easy way to display lowercase letters. Some programs could synthesize it using the custom character creation functions, but in general, they only use uppercase letters. This restriction included access to Dragon computers to enter the growing learning computer market. As a result, Dragon 32/64 has not achieved commercial success, and Dragon Data ceased development in June 1984 when 200,000 computers were sold.

Dragon Data Games Dragon 32/64 ROMs can still be downloaded and played on modern computers. Find the Romans of the Dragon 32/64 games you want to play and download them for free.