Commodore VIC20 Roms Details

Commodore VIC20 is the successor to the very popular Commodore PET. The Commodore VIC 20 was equipped with the same processor as the PET model and the same version of BASIC. However, in the early '80s, the MOS technology processor was very popular, and the VIC 20 has also become very popular. The company managed to sell more than one million units of this model. The model name is derived from the stacked abbreviations VIC (video interface chip - graphics interface chip designed to process graphics in this particular model) and memory capacity (5 KB RAM + 15 KB ROM).

Originally computers were sold in Japan with a special character set "Katakana". Later it appeared for sale in Europe. In addition, the sales success of the Commodore VIC 20 is partly due to a variety of peripherals and software developed for this model. When the company replaced the VIC 20 with the new Commodore 16 in 1984, it could not be as successful due to its incompatibility with the VIC 20. For the Commodore VIC20 a variety of Rome games can be downloaded. Page. Enjoy free downloads and show your friends and children what kind of games you had in your childhood.