ColecoVision ADAM Roms Details

ColecoVision ADAM is the third extension (also known as Expansion Module # 3) of the famous ColecoVision console. Fortunately, ADAM has become a complete computer because of previous experience with the ColecoVision console. The kit consisted of a keyboard and a storage device that used tapes. In addition, the company suggested further expansion modules. A scooter controller and special boxing gloves with integrated joysticks and buttons could be used.

Just for Christmas, the company has sold half a million consoles. In early 1983, the number of units sold reached one million. However, the crisis on the video game market started very soon. In 1984, the introduction of consoles was discontinued. In such a short shelf life of a console, the company managed to sell more than 6 million devices. The most popular games include Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Ladybug, Carnival, Smurf and others. To play these and many other games, all you need to do is download the ADAM ColecoVision emulator and download free Rome games from this site.