Casio PV1000 Roms Details

Casio PV1000 is the third-generation 8-bit gaming console introduced in Japan in October 1983. The starting price was quite affordable: 139 US dollars. The company Casio has set itself the goal to take over a large part of the market for game consoles and to occupy a solid position among the competitors. At that time, many companies began to fight in their own way. At the time of the launch of Casio PV-1000, there were already representatives such as Nichibutsu My Vision developed by Nichibutsu, Gakken Compact Vision by Gakken Co. and SG-1000 introduced by Sega and Famicon developed by Nintendo ,

Casio PV-1000 was not that popular, perhaps due to the fact that there were not too many games for him. Some sources say that there were officially 15 games for PV-1000, some of them were customization of Casio games developed for MSX computers. To play Casio PV1000 games, you need to download the emulator and free Rome games. Then you can play it on your computer or Android device.