Casio Loopy Roms Details

Casio Loopy, also known as My Seal Computer SV-100, was another representative of the fifth generation of game consoles. It is a 32-bit console released by the famous company Casio. The sale began in October 1995. The consoles were intended only for the Japanese market. Due to the weak sales and the low popularity, the games for this console, however, did not develop in 1996. As operator of the games cartridges were used, which looked in appearance and size like cartridges for Super Nintendo consoles. It was a timely decision, because in 1995 CDs were already quite popular and widespread. The controller for the Casio Loopy was a gamepad that was equipped with the D-pad button, four buttons for control and the start button. The peculiarity and big mistake of the Casio Loopy consoles was the lack of support from the second controller, which affected the ability to play multiplayer games.

Although not many games have been released for Casio Loopy, you can test them on your computer using the emulator. Download Casio Loopy Rome games for free and immerse yourself in the past.