Capcom Play System 1 CPS1 Roms Details

Capcom Play System 1 or CPS1 (CP System) is the equipment for the leisure machines that Capcom first introduced in 1989. At that time, a few dozen arcade slot machines were brought to market with this equipment. One of the most popular games for these machines was Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. That is, from this game began the worldwide obsession with fighting games. But nothing lasts forever and in 1995 the last game was released for this team. To date, however, many players have grown up, but they still remember the days when they could play CP system games in the store or in the cinema lobby. You just had to lay the coin and play your favorite game. Capcom Play System 1 was an excellent system that released great graphics with great graphics familiar to most old school players.

Today you can play Capcom Play System 1 games on your computer using the emulator. On this page you can download the most popular Rome for CPS1 games for free. Enjoy great Rome and collect your friends to play Old School games.