Camputers Lynx Roms Details

The Lynx Camputers were very popular in the UK in the mid-80s. The Lynx 8-bit home computers were launched in 1983 and had only 48 KB of RAM. In the following years, Lynx was improved with 96, 128 and even 192 KB by the extension of the motherboard. The computer was equipped with the Zilog Z80A processor with a 4 MHz frequency and a Motorola 6845 video controller, and it was even possible to run the CP / M operating system with the optional 5 "¼ device, which was mainly used in 96 Models was used and 128 Kb.

The development and production of Camputers Lynx did not last long, although it was well presented compared to the rival models of the time when it had a high price and a lack of software, leading to the end of production. However, there were some great ones Games released for Camputers Lynx, including: 3D Monster Craze, Centipede, Gobble De Spook, Diggerman and others. If you feel nostalgic and want to play a few old school games, you can do so easily with the help of the emulator. Just download the Camputers Lynx-Roms and play them on your computer.