Atari ST Roms Details

Atari ST was the first known 16-bit computer in Europe and the US. He was the main competitor of Commodore Amiga in the second half of 1980, before he was displaced from 1989 by the role of the home PC by IBM PC. From 1985 to 1987 Atari ST was the market leader due to its lower price. In 1986, the Atari ST was sold with 512 KB at a price of about 600 USD, which is about twice the price of existing Amiga models. The most important games at that time were designed for multiple home PCs to maximize the reach of the audience. The quality leaders were the games for Commodore Amiga and comparable to Atari ST. If you want to play games of the 1980s, you should first try out the games for these platforms. Some games (especially before 1987) were originally developed for Atari ST and then changed to Amiga without significant changes. Sometimes these games worked better on the original platform, also because the Atari ST processor was about 10% faster (that's why vector graphics games work a little better on ST).

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