Atari Lynx Roms Details

Atary Lynx, also known as aLynx: the first portable system with a color screen (4096 colors), backlit screen and the ability to rotate the screen 180 degrees (for left-handers). The console was released the same year as the Game Boy (with monochrome display) in 1989. The original price for the Atari Lynx console was $ 199, the price for the Game Boy was $ 109 color display and Game Boy, black and white only, Nintendo won the launch.

In 1991, Sega launched its Game Gear with color display, which denied the Atari Lynx the status of a unique "colored" portable console. In 1994, Atari gave up the support and development of aLynx completely and in 1996 the development of the games was discontinued.

Currently, there is only one Atari Lynx console emulator that lets you play most games. Atary Lynx rom games can be downloaded for free. With the help of the emulator you can get great Roms and play your favorite games on the big screen.