Atari Jaguar Roms Details

Atari Jaguar is a home video game console that belongs to the fifth generation of game consoles. It was launched in 1993 by Atari Corporation in New York and in early 1994 in the rest of the United States. Atari Jaguar positioned itself as the first 64-bit game console, which was partly true, in part a marketing ploy, since the CPU and GPU were 64- and 32-bit, even though they sent 64-bit signals through the graphics accelerator Die Developers said that during development, they focused on making the high-tech console accessible to all.

The initial price of $ 249.99 was very low compared to its competitors. In 1994, Atari sold about 100,000 consoles, which did not meet the expectations of the developers. Then they decided to lower the price to boost sales. By 1996, however, when the market launch ceased, they managed to sell only 250,000 consoles.

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