Atari 800 Atari Roms Details

Atari 800, also known as Atari 800XL, was launched in 1983. Like most home computers of that time, Atari 800 was based on the 6502C processor with a frequency of 1.79 MHz and had 64 KB memory games can run from tapes, 5.25-inch disks and with a color image of 61440 pixels and more become. The big advantage of this model was the software compatibility with its predecessors: the Atari 400 and Atari 800 consoles. However, there was no compatibility with competing models like Commodore, Sinclair, Radio Shack and others. At that time, each company's engineers were busy manufacturing PCs and consoles and had their own concept for improving the universe and developing their descendants as they wished.

Today you can easily play Mario Bros., Aladin, Pacman and other games without having the Atari 800 console. All you have to do is download the Atari 800 emulator for free and then download and play any Atari 800 game. We have many great Roms here!